Monday, April 18, 2011

WIP pics of Razorback and finished Stormraven

Ok folks here is the MK I and MK II laz-plaz razorback. Also the finished Stormraven "Heaven's Bolt."

Here is the MK II Razorback. I am torn at which version I like better. The "old School" look of the MK I has a certain appeal to it but I do like the the low slung look of the MK II.

Front Look at the MK II Razor

Crap the Weathering didn't come out 

The decals didn't come out as good as they did on the troops. Don't know why used the same technique.

I do love the glass effect of the dome

Oops missed the the other Assault Cannon 

The Stormraven "Heaven's Bolt." I've been play testing these lately.They are brutal. 

S-4 is the the 4th Stormraven in the fleet
As always let me know what ya think.......

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  1. That glass effect is top notch, if you can somehow translate that into red on the side of the ship and give it that same amount of fade / blending it will be an awesome center piece for you army. The weathering is also well done with the long streaks, but the flat red paint on the body takes away from it a bit for me. Keep up the great work.