Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Paint scheme for the Angels

Howdy all,
Sorry for the lack of up dates but alas work has been in the way. So, I am getting ready for Adepticon, and was looking at various ways to paint my 1000 points for the team tourney. I looked at the standard BA red, some of the other offshoots, even to the Lamenters chapter for inspiration, but finally found it over at Bolter and Chainsword.

There I was looking at a variation on the Exorcist theme and an idea struck me. Why do I need to do a quartered paint style? Is it any easier to paint than a basic paint scheme? How many other folks our there have a quartered style? Then I found this wonderful tool. It is a way for you to try out different themes without wasting models, although I do have models set aside for that very reason. Here is the link to the The Bolter and Chainsword : Space Marine Painter. This is a great tool for anyone painting marines.

Well, back to the issue at hand.
Storm Acolytes Assault Marine
The markings for the various types of squads will be the strip on the helmet. They will follow the traditional BA markings: Yellow for assault, red for tactical and blue for devastator. All sargents will have the Corvus pattern helm.  For the elites, I am undecided on the demarcation. I still like the gold denoting them as veterans, but to use a strip or the whole helmet, that is the question.

As for the name of this dubious chapter I have decided to call them the Storm Acolytes

I think its a unique paint style that has some flair about it, yet remains easy to paint, and holds true to the BA fluff.

Check back in a few days to see the first assault squad completed.

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  1. SoS seems like an awkward acronym for your new chapter, though I love the full name! :)